Bill Brunton

Services, strategy and counsel

to support communications work.

Address opportunities. Meet challenges.

Communicate better. Earn results.

Communication may be the single most important driver of organizational and community outcomes today.

So why doesn’t every organization communicate well? Why are our results often less than we expect? Why are we often stuck in the middle of the performance curve with everyone else?

There reasons for this. And there are things that leaders and teams can do about it.

Some of these actions are in communication execution. But many are upstream. In an era of transparency, in order to look like a good organization you’ve got to be one and act like one.

BBrunton offers communication services, strategy and counsel. My experience is in identifying opportunities, addressing challenges and improving communication performance. Moving forward with the things that help you, your audiences and your community.

BBrunton helps you plan and act in accordance with your capacity, values, and objectives.

Make your communications program a competitive advantage.

Everyone needs well-crafted communication programs. They are so important to results. In both intended and unintended ways, they inform audiences about who we are and what we do.

Sales. Leads. Support. Perception. Awareness. Donations. Public opinion. Likes. Follows. Subscriptions. Networks. Conversions. Active engagement.

These are the results you need your communication functions to deliver. They lead to revenue, relationships and community impact.

No one gives us these things. And no one owes us these things. We have to both deserve them and earn them. The competition for attention is relentless.

So we invest heavily in communication of many kinds. And we think about our communications a lot.

We should have all we need. Communication principles and practices are known and understood. The tools and technologies exist and they work. Communication professionals know how to do their jobs. And it is, by and large, an enjoyable, creative, human activity.

Even with all that, results are mixed, and success is uncertain. The engine has many parts. Costs are increasing. Uncertainty is growing. Many factors are in play. It’s harder than ever to break through and connect with audiences and prospects.

And we have so many different approaches, factors and ideas to work with. Choices can be difficult. What is authentic, and what mere repetition of an expected narrative?

There are things communicators and leaders can do about this. One of them is to think of our communications programs more like a farm than a fight.

Six places to look for communication performance

Nothing in communications is rocket science. But there can be a lot to sort through. BBrunton looks for performance opportunities in six places.

Situation analysis and understanding

See things as they are.

Factors which limit performance

Resolve internal blocks and barriers. Manage external effects.

Good, shared strategy

Clarify purpose, intention, audiences and relevance. Solve problems and focus effort.

Engine maintenance

Give your team the tools to perform.

Management and Execution

Manage and deliver quality projects, programs and tactics.

People and Engagement

Prioritize the needs of staff, audiences and communities.

Every organization needs to figure out their own path. BBrunton helps you do this for your organization, your team and your projects.


These services are based on BBrunton’s hands-on experience with:

  • branding to achieve authentic relevance and differentiation
  • digital marketing to connect with the audiences that matter
  • fundraising that effectively supports your purpose, people and viability
  • government relations that develops support and understanding with policy and decision-makers
  • organizational communications to engage teams and internal stakeholders
  • media relations to inform and engage external audiences
  • community engagement to build legitimacy and trust

Confidential and candid support for issues, events, opportunities, challenges or emergent needs. BBrunton offers . . .

  • individual or group meetings or sessions
  • communication advice
  • feedback on issues, strategies, plans or communications
  • crisis communications counsel

Support to help identify, organize and share the ideas which drive your organization. BBrunton offers . . .

  • strategic planning processes – management
  • stakeholder discovery – interviews, meetings and reporting
  • meeting facilitation – both internal and external
  • core strategic directions – collaborative identification and vetting
  • strategic frameworks – development and application
  • strategic planning resource materials – preparation
  • strategic ideas and directions – discovery, consolidation and organization
  • strategy documents – writing and editing for review and stakeholder engagement
  • diagrams and models – simplification of strategy for ease of sharing and accessibility
  • presentations – to execs, staff and communities

Provide informed insight about progress, and identify opportunities and challenges. Audits can affect people. So confidentiality, privacy and ethics in collaboration, reporting and data management are crucial. BBrunton offers . . .

  • situation analysis – summary, high-level
  • stakeholder interviews – to understand internal and external perceptions and understanding
  • reviews of reports, plans and data
  • assessment of practices. methods, processes and technology platforms
  • evaluation of organizational structure, roles and responsibilities
  • identification of internal and external performance barriers
  • assessment of team engagement and alignment

Help develop text for use in high-stakes, foundational or difficult communication. Writing which has to think ahead multiple steps. BBrunton writes and edits . . .

  • high-value reports, proposals or presentations to boards, executive teams or elected officials
  • critical strategy documents
  • texts that need careful positioning or framing
  • crisis communications
  • complex communications

Ensure collaboration, execution and delivery. BBrunton offers . . .

  • management of teams or units on an interim basis
  • management of projects
  • team coaching and advisory services

Why Bill Brunton?

Every team has gaps. Opportunities can arise which need additional resources. Could be about securing new business. Or about enhancing team service capacity. Or it could be a challenging situation.

For a fraction of the cost of a full-time resource, I can provide:

Senior executive skills and experience without the fully loaded cost, as an interim, part-time or contract resource.

Comprehensive experience leading all core communication functions from branding to engagement.

BBrunton’s own frameworks for addressing internal performance drivers and responding to external factors.

Experience developing and communicating many strategies and plans, and leading collaborative strategic planning processes.

Years of work experience with staff, communication teams, executives, boards and elected officials.

Commitment to and experience developing people, organizing teams and building internal capacity.

Knowledge and understanding of current technologies, platforms, practices and trends.

Skills in project management, execution, writing, editing and reviewing.

Ideas, insight, perspective and critical thinking. Experience with policy and issues management.

Experience delivering situation analyses, strategic reviews and audits, facilitation of team and community meetings

What’s different about Bill Brunton?

I can add value to the work of your team. This comes from:

Wide experience to help understand your situation: I’ve been an agency executive, a non-profit executive, and a government executive. I have owned and run a small business. And I have experience in many related areas of business management and governance.

Quick understanding and insight so I can contribute without delay: I have experienced many interesting and challenging situations. I know how to listen and understand, see underlying issues and solve problems.

Critical thinking habits that see context and second-order implications: I am a strong analyst able to respond to a wide range of needs, I’m also good listener with a balanced, calm mindset. Being a strong writer, editor, and presenter comes with the territory.

A people-first approach that builds team capacity: I support people with trust, focus, empowerment, and development. This helps build agility and engagement. As a leader, I delegate, observe, and assist in the background.

Respect for women, first nations, ethnic/religious minority and all-gendered persons in the workplace and in service provision. Despite being (obviously) a privileged white male, I have a history of acceptance and advancement of people. In many areas of our society, we have known the right thing to do for many, many years but have failed to act. I am committed to addressing issues of harassment, fairness, systemic bias or racism and equal opportunity.

Groups and sectors Bill Brunton has served

Types of clients

  • executives, business owners addressing strategic issues and choices
  • communicators, marketers, fundraisers striving for better results to support their organizations
  • boards providing effective counsel and support to their C-suite
  • elected officials and their staff responding to constituency and policy issues
  • stakeholders concerned about policy directions and impacts

Sectors served

  • non-profits seeking impact and viability (health, social, environment, arts)
  • government organizations providing vital services to communities (municipal services, provincial departments and agencies, economic development)
  • professional services firms seeking to build business relationships and opportunities (accounting, engineering, executive search)
  • associations and chambers advancing understanding and support for their sector and members (business, professional, industry)
  • education organizations meeting the needs of learners and communities (school districts, colleges, training)
  • businesses meeting the needs of their markets and segments (development, IT, tourism, energy)

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